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  • Christian J. Triola

The Top 10 Fingerpicking Patterns Every Guitar Player Should Know

Learn the top 10 fingerpicking patterns every guitar player should know in this lesson. You’ll learn single note patterns, double-stop patterns, and patterns that include full chords!

Download the PDF: This PDF shows you all the patterns presented in the video.

Where to Find it:


0:48-Fingerpicking Pattern 1

2:44-Fingerpicking Pattern 2

3:32-Fingerpicking Pattern 3

4:48-Fingerpicking Pattern 4

6:34-Fingerpicking Pattern 5

8:03-Fingerpicking Pattern 6

9:12-Fingerpicking Pattern 7

10:34-Fingerpicking Pattern 8

11:30-Fingerpicking Pattern 9

12:40-Fingerpicking Pattern 10

14:10-The Wrap Up

Some things to remember:

Names of the fingers on your picking hand:

Thumb= pulgar (p)

Index= indice (i)

Middle= medio (m)

Ring= annular (a)

*The symbols come from the Spanish words for thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers In general, your thumb is responsible for playing the bass strings (strings 4-6). Your index finger plays the third string; your middle finger plays the second string; your ring finger plays the first string. Keep your fingers curved and placed on their assigned strings. Pull in from the knuckle, plucking the string with a combination of the fingernail plus the tip of the finger.

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