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  • Christian J. Triola

How to Play "Joy to the World" for Absolute Beginners, Part 1 The Melody

Updated: Mar 8

n this lesson, you’ll learn how to play the melody to the Christmas carol, “Joy to the World” on guitar. Notation and TAB are provided in the video and in the accompanying PDF. This lesson is for those who have very little experience with the guitar but would like to plunk out the tune to this holiday classic.

View or download the free PDF sheet music for your practice here:

Where to find it:

0:00-Joy to the World


1:11-The PDF

1:23-How to Read the Tablature (A Review)

2:19-The First Phrase of Music

4:14-Phrase 2

4:47-Phrase 3

6:09-Phrase 4 7:36-Phrase 5

8:21-Phrase 6

9:32-Phrase 7

10:08-Phrase 8

11:06-Phrase 9

11:54-Quick Practicing Tip

12:14-Full Demonstration with Backing Track

12:56-The Wrap Up and an Important Message

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