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  • Christian J. Triola

How to Play "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes on Guitar

Updated: Mar 8

The riff to The White Stripes’ song, “Seven Nation Army” has transcended its source material and become a part of popular culture. Many recognize the tune and yet have no idea its name or who wrote it. And this is what makes it so iconic and a perfect riff to learn for any guitar player.

In this inaugural video of the “Reading the Riff” lesson series, I’ll show you how to use this legendary riff to practice note reading in 4 different areas of the fretboard. The notation is provided in the video, and both notation and TAB versions are provided in the PDF below.

View/download the free sheet music here:

In this lesson will learn:

  • How to read the riff to “Seven Nation Army” in 4 areas of the fretboard!

  • Quarter Note Triplets.

  • How the same notes in different regions of the guitar neck effect the sound.

For more on note reading, be sure to check out The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series.

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