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Need a Place to Keep Track of Chord Voicings?

Sometimes the best way to learn and keep track of new chords is to write them down.

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Plenty of Space to Write Down New Chords

80 pages of Chord Chart Paper, 16 chords per page

Even More

Includes a section on reading notes, understanding tablature, and how to tune.

More Than Just Chord Chart Paper

30 pages of additional staff with TAB paper included

Also includes a Reference Section

Includes a complete chord chart as well as major and minor scale charts.

Everything You Need

to Keep Track of and Write Down Chords

The Missing Method for Guitar Sample Pages by Christian and Amy Triola

The Missing Method Difference


The Missing Method books were born out of the need for guitar method books that simply didn't exist. We don't replicate what is already working well. We strive to create something new to help you become a better guitar player.

Step-by-Step Instruction

Each book is designed progressively to take you through each lesson a step at a time. Whether you decide to use our books with an instructor or go it alone, you we've got you covered.


Each Missing Method book is focused on one particular skill or technique, so we can go into depth on each topic. Our books not only make great instructional tools, but they also make handy reference guides to refer back to when you need a refresher.

Ample Practice

When we say mastery, we mean it. Each book features enough exercises and sample songs to offer variety and cement your skills.

Professional Expertise

A BA in Jazz Studies, a Master's Degree in Education, and over 20 years teaching guitar students of all ages means we can stand behind our material 100%.

Personal Touch

We're not a giant corporation, and we don't aspire to be. We're a married couple, doing what we love. When you buy our books, you support a small business. And when you offer suggestions, we listen. Please keep in touch. We want to hear from you.

The Missing Method for Guitar Book and Sample Pages by Christian and Amy Triola

Guitar Sheets Chord Chart Paper

With the Guitar Sheets Chord Chart Paper Journal from The Missing Method for Guitar, you’ll have the space you need to write down newly discovered chord voicings, new chords to learn, chords to your favorite songs, or create your own chords.

Guitar Sheets Series

Having a place to write down songs and ideas you are working with is essential to learning as well as songwriting. Each book in the Guitar Sheets series is designed for you to easily do just that.

Don't Lose Your Ideas
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Record the chords you are working on or invent your own